Trust lawyers have several areas of expertise that may be critical. A probate attorney may be needed for certain family matters. Services provided by a trust lawyer may be the following:

  • A death in the family may become a legal matter that needs expert advice. A loved one's will is a document that defines the manner in which an estate is distributed to the selected heirs. An intestate issue is an estate that does not have a will.
  • A will is a legal document that may be filed with a specific court. A will does not have to be documented with a particular area of the court system. A family attorney may have a copy of a will that is a part of a family estate. A family attorney may be hired to draft a will in a certain manner. The will is left at the lawyer's office for later review.
  • Family estate planning is frequently discussed with a trust attorney. Family trust planning involves an estate will and other matters of concern. Other matters of concern include certain medical decisions that may be needed later on.
  • These medical decisions may include the medical services provided during the last and critical hours of a loved one's life. A trust lawyer may assist with these family decisions. Whether a loved one is provided certain medical care after a critical diagnosis may need to be decided.
  • A medical decision of incompetency may need to be determined for a family member. A trust lawyer is frequently used during this type of decision making. An executor may be appointed for the loved one, and a trust lawyer may be selected as the executor.


Trust LawyerProbate court is a part of family planning services that are offered to a general population or district. A family member who has died may leave behind a child who is not of legal age to care for themselves. A child may be of a certain age but may be incompetent or handicapped. Family planning is used to make the decisions regarding any family members that may need a type of guardianship.


Guardianship is frequently a role that a trust lawyer may assume. This type of service may provide the supervision of an elderly family member. Aging frequently finds a member of a family in certain situations that they may not be able to manage alone. Financial concerns are often a part of an elderly person's daily tasks. Finding a proper supervisor for these daily activities may be required. Family members may find that the estate of an elderly loved one is not being properly managed. The elderly relative may not be paying bills on time or may not pay bills altogether. The elderly person may not be able to go through the day without some kind of assistance with making meals or bathing.


A decision to provide guardianship is often a difficult one for a family. Guardianship for an elderly relative will mean making difficult decisions for them. Staying in the current housing location may need to be evaluated for the elderly relative. A trust lawyer may need to be hired for this type of situation. A trust lawyer can look at the daily needs of the aging relative and assist in making critical care decisions.

  • The relative with certain disabilities may need a type of home health care. Guardianship roles may be taken by the trust lawyers in these incidences.
  • The aging relative may need assistance with activities of daily living. Home health care is one option. Other options may include a type of medical care housing. Several options are available, and the family attorney may be involved with these critical decisions.
  • A family attorney may assist in placing an aging loved one in a medical care facility. A relative with Alzheimer's disorder may need a special level of care.


A trust lawyer may be a part of any family's critical care needs. The death of a loved one may bring a need for a trust lawyer. Critical care needs for relatives may include guardianship requirements or critical care placement for the aging loved one. Decisions regarding the level of medical care are often a part of any family's estate planning.

The death of a loved one will require that the family estate be reviewed. A family attorney may assume this role. A will may have been written by the family attorney. The death of a loved one may require that the family will be read. The family heirs will need certain legal services during the death of a central family member.

A trust lawyer has several roles. Overseeing certain family decisions is critical.